Heading to NYCC! Plus, New Art!

Hey, everyone!

This week, we’re off to the New York Comic Con, conveniently held in New York City! We’ll be sure to report back on our exciting adventures in the Big Apple, but for now, we’ll leave you with two things. One, Pure Steele: Chapter One in PDF form for your leisurely perusal. And Two, a new picture of James Steele by another contributing artist (this one handling the character busts appearing in chapter bookends), Stephen Morrow of Minor Distinctions. It’s available in both black & white and full colour.

Until next time!

Kim and Ari

Chapter One – Part Six


We reach the end of Chapter One with Dr. Flemyng’s first steps into the Dark Continent and Karl Kerschl’s first in-book sketch! Thanks for reading so far! We’ll be posting Chapter One in its entirety soon, so that anyone with a PDF reader or awesome tablet can enjoy it at their leisure. Then, it’s all bloggin’, all the time.

And now we come to it, the most boring page in Chapter 1! I blame Kim.

Ah the leopard, Africa's loner cat. Don't worry gang, this leopard was a terrorist so Steele was right to kill it.

Is Steele as handsome and imposing as you had imagined? If you say no then you are a liar!

There is a really cool image of an elephant that we decided to cover up with boring words. Ugh, is Flemyng still talking?!

A stern reminder of Britain's dominion over this book.


“James Steele” by Karl Kerschl

As writers, we consider ourselves super lucky to  be able to collaborate with some great artists and collaborators on “Pure Steele”. Everyone we’ve worked with from concept to creation has been awesome and we’re proud to have such talented people on our side–rather than working against us to create some kind of crushing rival book that would render ours unimpressive and obsolete.

The Charles-Christopher-creating, Eisner-Award-winning, Karl Kerschl  provides a number of the book’s main illustrations, standing in for Dr. Henry Flemyng’s eager reproductions of the expedition’s most thrilling moments. Before starting work on the illustrations, though, Karl produced this awesome first sketch of James Steele himself. It’s the dreamiest.

Mmmm! That's good Steele.

You’re welcome.

Next up: The final pages of our Chapter One preview!

Chapter One – Part Five


Rolling along, here are our first, quick introductions to each member of the main cast, appearing in chapter one and offering a little hint (or lengthy and specific explanation) as to each one’s personality! Do enjoy!

I was shocked to learn that a sulky race was a real thing. Who knew! Also, the horned daisy is not as cool as it sounds.

I am fairly certain that this is a real quote. It describes the Mapsgoode school of cartography to a T.

Poor Alan, looks like he has seen better times. Fun fact: if given the choice, I would cast Alan Rickman as Alan Smith in the Steele movie.


Man, that Cunningham sounds like a real ass. Thomas has written 12 letters of resignation but always ends up chickening out at the last minute.