Jim Steele by Ted McKeever

At the 2010 San Diego Comic Con, friend-of-Steele and early adopter Ted McKeever christened the Steele sketchbook with a truly awesome and pretty brutal rendering of the hero. You might know Ted’s work from the Elseworlds Titles Superman’s Metropolis, Batman: Nosferatu and Wonder Woman: The Blue Amazon, Image’s Meta 4 or Fox Atomics’ The Nightmare Factory and now you can add this fantastic picture to your mental Rolodex.

Thanks, Ted!

Kim & Ari

Chapter Two – Part One

As we prepare to enter a new year, we’re pleased to be able to throw some new pages up on the blog! With Chapter One already up, you can now enjoy the first part of Chapter Two, in which we learn a little more about our heroes, encounter an emotional French poet and hear the terrifying tale of the Kuakuvi crocodile! Stay tuned!

Flemyng only requires one to two hours of sleep a night and needs to keep moving to live, like a shark.

So many questions! Will they be answered? I hope so or we will have many angry readers!

James Steele by Dean Trippe

Once more, we can proudly showcase another rendering of everyone’s favourite literary hero (Soon). This one was drawn at SDCC 2010 by the wonderful Dean Trippe, whose work includes the delightful web-comic Butterfly and Oni’s Power Lunch. Surely though, it is his role as co-creator of the awesome Project:Rooftop to which we can attribute the unique look Steele is sporting here.

Shirtless as always.

Thanks Dean, for the ever-handsome Steele!

Kim & Ari