Steele in 2012

Okay, sorry.

We haven’t been updating with any diligence, but we can promise that it’s only because we’ve been working so hard on the book. A major rewrite and a bunch of art later, we’re pleased to say that the end is finally in sight and things are looking…very promising. Updates on how promising things are looking are to come, but for the moment, let’s celebrate our triumphant (read: sheepish) return with some art.

Stephen Morrow is providing some of the illustrations for the book and we’re lucky to have him along. Beyond the art for the book (which we won’t reveal just yet), he was rad enough to create some additional stuff that really impressed. We linked to one piece a while ago, but he recently gifted us with this image of Steele and Eleanor, inspired by Moebius.

Learn more about the process, see a full-colour version and become acquainted with the AWESOME ARTIST at his blog, Minor Distinctions.