Heading to NYCC! Plus, New Art!

Hey, everyone!

This week, we’re off to the New York Comic Con, conveniently held in New York City! We’ll be sure to report back on our exciting adventures in the Big Apple, but for now, we’ll leave you with two things. One, Pure Steele: Chapter One in PDF form for your leisurely perusal. And Two, a new picture of James Steele by another contributing artist (this one handling the character busts appearing in chapter bookends), Stephen Morrow of Minor Distinctions. It’s available in both black & white and full colour.

Until next time!

Kim and Ari

Chapter One – Part Six


We reach the end of Chapter One with Dr. Flemyng’s first steps into the Dark Continent and Karl Kerschl’s first in-book sketch! Thanks for reading so far! We’ll be posting Chapter One in its entirety soon, so that anyone with a PDF reader or awesome tablet can enjoy it at their leisure. Then, it’s all bloggin’, all the time.

And now we come to it, the most boring page in Chapter 1! I blame Kim.

Ah the leopard, Africa's loner cat. Don't worry gang, this leopard was a terrorist so Steele was right to kill it.

Is Steele as handsome and imposing as you had imagined? If you say no then you are a liar!

There is a really cool image of an elephant that we decided to cover up with boring words. Ugh, is Flemyng still talking?!

A stern reminder of Britain's dominion over this book.


Chapter One – Part Five


Rolling along, here are our first, quick introductions to each member of the main cast, appearing in chapter one and offering a little hint (or lengthy and specific explanation) as to each one’s personality! Do enjoy!

I was shocked to learn that a sulky race was a real thing. Who knew! Also, the horned daisy is not as cool as it sounds.

I am fairly certain that this is a real quote. It describes the Mapsgoode school of cartography to a T.

Poor Alan, looks like he has seen better times. Fun fact: if given the choice, I would cast Alan Rickman as Alan Smith in the Steele movie.


Man, that Cunningham sounds like a real ass. Thomas has written 12 letters of resignation but always ends up chickening out at the last minute.

Chapter One – Part Three

Good afternoon!

The next three pages feature the letter which Dr. Flemyng sent to Steele in hopes of being accepted to join the thrilling Pryce Rescue Expedition!

The background image for this page was pulled from a huge Medicology textbook that Kim found in her dad's basement. Fun fact: Her dad's house is haunted. Do I even need to mention the moustache?

The original background for this pages was a fuzzy giraffe. Creepy heart is much better!


I maintain that this is the creepiest letter every written.


Next time: Meet the Cast!

Chapter One- Part One


Still getting this blog together (bear with us). Over the next few weeks, along with our regular bloggy content,  we will be putting up  all of Chapter One a couple of pages at a time. You may have seen some of these pages before if you checked out our earlier posts or met one of us at a convention, but they will appear here in their proper order. This will all culminate in a complete PDF of the 20-page first chapter, which we personally recommend for anyone with a tablet and also any PDF enthusiasts out there.

Without further ado, we present to you the first three pages, featuring art by Sanjulian.

A wonderful illustration by Sanjulian. It stars Steele, Eleanor and Dr. Flemyng. Just kidding! It's a huge dead rhino.

My favourite page just happens to be the first! It's all downhill from here. Fun Fact: Kim just happened to have that small white envelope in her bag that day. What is her life?

Fun Fact: Up until last week we had the wrong newspaper article on the page. Editing!

Hope you enjoyed the Chapter One teaser! Expect more soon.

- Ariadne

The Search for the Official Pure Steele Beverage: part 1

Elephant Shakes, Boozy Mistakes

Drinks have always been important for us here at Pure Steele Headquarters and  it seemed only natural for us to find the best beverage to pair with the production of our book. We have scoured the internet for Steele-appropriate drinks and will now provide you, our kind readers, with reviews as well as a pictorial “How To” so that you may follow along at home.

Our first mixed drink was found here by Kim and is excitingly called Elephant Shake.

You will need:

4 scoops of vanilla ice-cream

1 cup of milk

2 shots of Amarula Cream Liqueur

A blender and a tall glass. Serves one person.


Find a blender, realize that even though you have never used your blender, it is dirty. Clean it while cursing your former room-mate.

Curse you!

Pour 1 cup of milk into newly-cleaned blender.

Lactantia! Aren't you fancy!

Add 4 scoops of vanilla ice-cream. We used Chapman’s because it’s gluten-free and that’s a thing I’m into right now

My mom has Coeliac disease--it's no laughing matter!

Add 2 shots of Amarula.

Woah, check out all that product placement!

Blend until desired consistency and serve!


Here’s where we went wrong:

Kim decided to double the recipe to accommodate both of us. Seems simple enough, right? 8 scoops of ice-cream, 2 cups of milk and 4 shots. How hard is that? Turns out Kim, employing her memory rather than the actual recipe, only doubled the number of shots. Eagle-eyed readers may also have noticed the unusual size of the Las Vegas shot-glass she used: this is because it is actually a double-shot, something of which we were completely unaware but which meant that we both downed 4 shots of Amarula each in a 15-minute period. We experienced time-loss, slurred speech and hot flashes. The following is a text that Kim sent me later that day, after we parted ways on the street: “Ari I just forgot to cross at a light. I just stood there.”

No matter!

The Final, Extremely Boozy Product


Ariadne: It is more of dessert beverage and I don’t know how much vanilla ice-cream Steele would have access to in Darkest Africa. That being said, it was sugary and wonderful. Turns out I love Amarula!

Kim: This is a fantastic, grown-up milkshake that serves as a bonus dessert if consumed between meals. Like Ari, I cannot imagine that Steele himself would enjoy or even have the chance to enjoy such a drink, but it was a pretty great afternoon treat. Plus, even a hard-drinking adventurer could at least respect the resolve and fortitude with which we downed our mathematical failure.

4 pith helmets out of 5