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Kim Belair is an aspiring gentleman explorer and former cryptkeeper whose hobbies include the writing and purveyance of thrilling tales and news items of relevance to adventurers. From 2005 to 2012, her obsessive focus and stern resolve were put to use on the action-figure serial webcomic, Abe and Kroenen.

Kim can be found on Twitter and Facebook, the former a collection of her abundant day-to-day concerns and the latter a register of those who might enjoy them.

Ariadne MacGillivray is a scholar of historical heroes and part-time animal wrangler who still manages to find time for the study of Steele and her second love, amateur lumberjackery. Known as much for her durable hunting boots as for her rapier wit (she might prefer axe wit), her contributions to the Steeleian renaissance are as much a product of her pen as the life that she leads.

Ariadne can be found on Twitter, where her pithy observations are the subject of much acclaim as well as revelatory of the philosophical revelations one might find in the quiet of Canada’s forests.


Kim and Ari can be contacted via e-mail and will probably be extremely prompt in responding to any and all Steele-related inquiries.

Additional Staff

Header by the talented Benjamin Dewey of the Tragedy Series.

This blog is edited by Cynthia Vernier, whose keen eyes see what Kim’s self-involved distraction and Ariadne’s scoffing hyperopia fail to discern.

(All Writing, Story and Character elements copyright 2013 by Blind Ferret Entertainment, Kimberly Belair and Ariadne MacGillivray)

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